Cabañas Uaguinega

Rates are per person per night:

This lodge is on the island of San Blas, which is the native land of the Guna Yala people. Dolphin Lodge is run by a Guna family, and they are the ideal ambassadors for this stunning and pristine environment.

To get to the Dolphin Lodge, you can travel by boat or by plane to the somewhat remote island of San Blas. Dolphin Lodge is in the Achutupu community, which is a central hub of modern Guna culture. Staying here you can book a snorkeling or a scuba diving trip to the coral reefs that surround the island. You should also arrange to go kayaking or sailing on the azure waters of the Gulf of San Blas. You can visit neighboring islands to see more Guna traditions in action, on the islands of Mamitupu and Ailigandi. During your stay you’ll get to see traditional Guna dance performances, and admire folk art made by talented Guna women. You’ll also see how the Guna eke out a living from coconut trees and plots of yucca.

Guests get to stay in cabins that are built in the same style as Guna homes. They all sit along the beach, facing the sea. All of the cabins are comfortably furnished and include patios with hammocks. There is lighting provided by solar panels on the cottage roofs, and each cabin comes with a private bathroom.

While you’re staying in this secluded area you can rely on the lodge to provide all of your meals. The Guna consider lobster a stable, as well as a huge variety of other types of fresh seafood. You can also choose a beef, chicken, or vegetarian entrée. Other traditional foods – plantain, yucca, rice, and beans – make these meals hearty and satisfying.

Staying at Dolphin Lodge, Panama’s natural environment provides the pool and the spa. You can go for a refreshing dip in the ocean every day, just steps from your cabin. Suit up for a little snorkeling near the beach, or simply sun in the sand.


Single room : 1 person : $ 100.00 per night per person

Double room: 2 people : $ 80.00 per night per person

triple room: 3 people : # 70.00 per person per night. 

guna taxes added in yout quotation.